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Images & Voices of Hope | November 27, 2020

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Biology of Story explores the intersection of storytelling and Restorative Narrative

Screen-Shot-2016-02-25-at-11.12.16-AM-700x325 2All images and videos used with permission from Amnon Buchbinder.


By Gloria Muñoz | March 2016


The interactive documentary website, Biology of Story, launched recently at SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas. Biology of Story is the culmination of footage collected by Amnon Buchbinder, principal investigator and writer-director of the project.

The site provides a wealth of resources ranging from the principles and practices of storytelling to a video library of journalists, writers, filmmakers and artists exploring specific story topics. But it doesn’t end there. “Biology of Story is a whole new way to think about Story. About a story as a living thing. And about living as a story thing,” according to the documentary’s website. The interactive documentary library is a resource that will continue to grow and change as more content is added to the site.

One of the most engaging features of Biology of Story is the Commons section where users are welcome to join the conversation through a discussion forum. Biology of Story also invites users to nominate people for interviews, suggest improvements and create playlists of their favorite videos.

The following Biology of Story videos, which focus on Restorative Narrative, were filmed at Images of Voices and Hope’s 2015 summit


Beyond Trauma: Finding The Restorative Narrative | Featuring: ivoh’s president and founder, Judy Rodgers, and ivoh board member, Michael Skoler


The Discovery Of Rich Journalistic Stories | Jacqui Banaszynski


How Media Storytelling Can Help Communities Recover | Kevin Becker


The Eyes Of The Community | Kenneth Irby


Restorative Narrative Focuses On What People Need | Monica Guzman


The Biology of Story site contains over 60 hours of material (interviews, workshops, mini-documentaries, slideshows). Due to the interactive and non-linear interface, users can have a different experience every time they visit the site. We encourage you to explore Biology of Story and to add your voice to the project.