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Images & Voices of Hope | November 27, 2020

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Our principles

Images & Voices of Hope is a global network 

of those engaged in media as agents of world benefit.


We share a commitment to the following principles:


1. Strength based approaches.  With our roots in appreciative inquiry, we are committed to strength-based approaches to inquiry and storytelling, asking, When are we at our our best? What gives life? And what can we do to support our best possible future?


2. Reflective Practice.  We believe a change in our awareness precedes a change in what we create.  We are committed to reflective practice as a means to maintain empathy, ethical clarity and a vision for a world sustaining future.


3. Dialogue.  We have found that broad understanding and collective progress are the result of thoughtful dialogue across generations, races, genders and cultures.  We are committed to dialogue as a method of transforming and sustaining a constructive and dynamic culture of media.


4. Restorative Narratives.  We believe the stories created and shared in our cultures to be fundamental to our sense of well-being and our capacity for constructive action.  We are committed to creating and sharing narratives through media that restore hope and foster growth.


5. All media.  We understand media to be an ecosystem of narratives that intersect across all sectors, digital and print, fiction and nonfiction, gaming, advertising, music, journalism and the arts.  As media most often works in the public space, we commit to media that serves the public good.