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Images & Voices of Hope | December 2, 2020

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Good News about ivoh Fellow Ally Karsyn

Good News about ivoh Fellow Ally Karsyn




Congratulations! Ally Karsyn is one of our Restorative Narrative Fellows and the founder of Ode, a live community storytelling series in Sioux City, Iowa. This month Ally received the Iowa State University Greenlee School and Kappa Tau Alpha Diversity and Inclusion Award, presented annually to a professional journalist and a Greenlee student (Emily Blobaum, above) to “recognize their excellence in journalism and promotion of a just and inclusive society through ethical storytelling that broadens people’s understanding of diverse lives and communities.” 
You can find Ode stories at Siouxland Public Media where Ally is Arts Producer and Announcer (one of my current favorites is about $60, a stolen car, meth, and a mom’s wedding. What could go wrong?)
Ally reflected on her unique role and the value that Ode brings to the community:
 “Not only does Ode foster empathy, it builds community—one that’s engaged, supportive and civil. Through this platform, I’m coaching and empowering people to tell their own stories when they feel like they have nowhere else to be seen and heard.”
In an email exchange we had about her award, Ally reflected on what she called the “ripple effect” that ivoh has had on her career. We love to hear that!  Please share with me any of your own stories about how ivoh has influenced or impacted your work or career.