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Images & Voices of Hope | November 27, 2020

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Join Us to Restore the World with Story

Join Us to Restore the World with Story


How can we confront the daily onslaught of bad news and despairing narratives that makes connecting across differences and overcoming helplessness feel impossible?

Media for Good

One way is to tell different stories, stories that restore. Restore hope, love, kindness, and compassion. You can help us create more stories like this by supporting ivoh and the media makers in our community during our “Restore the World with Story” campaign. Help jolt us out of this cycle of anger and frustration and reshape media as a force for good.

ivoh created Restorative Narrative, storytelling that is designed to tap into our innate empathy and jumpstart the optimistic impulse to do good. Instead of focusing on what is broken, which creates more stress, these stories show us what is being rebuilt, reinforcing our own resilience and orienting us toward hope.  

Stories like those from Ally Karsyn’s live storytelling series, Ode. Through her 2017 ivoh Fellowship, Ally coached this mother whose son suffers with mental illness to share her family’s experience—he is trapped by paranoia, unaware of its impact but forever trying to escape it; she spends sleepless nights, fearing for her own life and his. Eventually she finds a path forward. “As his mother, I could drown in a sea of hopelessness, trying to save him. But above all else, I choose love.” Restorative Narrative offered the mother a way to define her story not just by her sorrow, but also by her love, determination, and acceptance.

Restore the World with Story Campaign

We’re raising $20,000 so that even more storytellers have what they need to do this important work and you can help us. Your donation will support:

  • A Restorative Narrative manual, case studies and online story bank so media makers and teachers have inspiration and practical instruction.
  • Gatherings, like this recent one in Miami, and national ones in Upstate New York, so we can reflect, connect and work together to bring hope to our communities.
  • Place-based fellowships to train practitioners in newsrooms, universities and nonprofit organizations to amplify the voices of marginalized communities and create authentic stories.

The ripple effect of our fellowship is broad and deep, with our fellows sharing that the experience changes how they report, tell stories, and understand their own roles, including Ally:

“What if we measured engagement by hearts touched, minds changed and actions taken? I’ve met dozens of people on some rough roads littered with pain, shame and fear. Helping them to see that glimmer of hope in their stories, their lives—that’s where healing begins. Connecting to that knowledge through the ivoh fellowship gave me the courage to share what I’ve learned with my community.”

You can make a real difference in the world today by helping to fund these healing stories:

  • Make a donation so we reach our $20,000 summer campaign goal
  • Share this page with your friends and network, and include a message telling them why ivoh’s work is important to you

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You’re Awesome!

Thank you for your generosity, good energy and commitment to help ivoh restore the world with story! Watch for ivoh’s newsletter so you can keep up-to-date on our progress.