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Images & Voices of Hope | December 2, 2020

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Transportation details for ivoh’s 2015 Restorative Narrative Summit

PeaceVillage4We are pleased that you can join us for ivoh’s 2015 Restorative Narrative Summit. We have created an online travel forum that you can use to converse with other summit participants.

The forum is a great place to post your flight arrival and departure times to coordinate travel to Peace Village or to coordinate shared driving arrangements with attendees from your area.

Getting To Peace Village…

Travel By Car

Peace Village is approximately three hours from New York City and 3.5 hours from Boston. Cell reception can be intermittent. It’s best to refer to these detailed directions when driving to Peace Village instead of GPS. The address is 54 O’Hara Road Haines Falls, N.Y., 12436. The phone number is (518) 589-5000.

Travel By Air

Albany International Airport services a range of major carriers including Southwest, United, and Delta. The Albany airport is approximately one hour from Peace Village Retreat Center. You can also fly into Newburgh, N.Y, which is about an hour away from Peace Village, or you can fly to New York City and take the train to the Hudson, N.Y. stop (more train details below). This year we are coordinating a shuttle service to take a limiting number of attendees from ALB to Peace Village. If you are interested in reserving a seat on the shuttle, please email Vanessa Rhinesmith at your earliest convenience. Seating is limited.

Travel by Taxi

A taxi ride from the ALB to Peace Village averages $120 per ride and $2 for each additional person. We recommend Smiley Taxi at (518) 589-6533. Smiley Taxi also has mini vans available for the same price. Each van fits up to seven people. We recommend coordinating a taxi with other summit attendees via the online travel forum to share the cost of transportation. Smiley’s Taxis run until midnight, but need to be called at least 24 hours in advance for late pick-ups.

Travel By Bus

You can take a bus from New York City to Hunter, New York. We recommend Trailways of New York at (800) 858-8555. The bus will cost $35.75 one-way and takes about four hours.

Travel by Train

You can take Amtrak from New York City to the Hudson, N.Y. station — about a two hour trip. Tickets range from approximately $36 to $88. The cost is dependent on when you book your ticket and whether you ride coach or business class. Once you arrive in Hudson, you can take a taxi to Peace Village. A ride from Smiley Taxi will cost $70 for one ride plus $2 for each additional person. Again, the forum is a great place to coordinate travel and taxi shares.

Questions? Please email us.