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Images & Voices of Hope | December 2, 2020

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Transformational Media Summit to look at how media can be a force for good

Transformational Media Summit to look at how media can be a force for good

Stuart Hughes, diplomatic producer at BBC, speaking at the 2012 Transformational Media Summit in London. (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Wickremer.)



The Transformational Media Initiative is planning to address an important question at its upcoming summit: How can media help create a better world?

It’s a question that we’ve been asking at ivoh as we carry forth our mission of strengthening the media’s role as an agent of change and world benefit. The Transformational Media Initiative — “a global alliance of people working to create media that serves humanity and the planet” — is part of a growing number of organizations interested in how the media can be a force for good. These organizations — which include ivoh and the Solutions Journalism Network — want to help the media tell stories that a.) highlight solutions instead of problems; b.) mobilize people and communities in meaningful ways; and c.) focus on resilience instead of only tragedy and despair.

Transformational Media’s summit, which will be held Nov. 1 in Washington, D.C., will delve into these types of storytelling and explore their potential impact. Speakers include ABC news anchor Dan Harris; Girl Up Director Melissa Hillebrenner; filmmaker Emmanuel Itier; and Positive News editor Sean Dagan Wood.

“The topics are really diverse. Some of the themes that will be covered are journalism, script writing, impact investment, health and wellbeing,” Transformational Media founder Jeremy Wickremer said via email. “The summit will explore how storytelling and media can serve society, and how by working together we can bring our greatest stories into reality.”

A series of Transformational Media events will take place leading up to the summit. Wickremer has been inviting people and organizations interested in transformational media to create their own mini summits/events from Oct. 26-31. The events could consist of workshops, dialogues, film screenings, networking events, or dinners, he said. Anyone who’s interested in taking part can email Wickremer for more details.

On Oct. 31, Transformational Media plans to hold a workshop that will feature three sessions — on leadership, constructive journalism, and creating stories that have the potential to be transformative. Those who attend the workshop, which will be held at the United Nations Foundation, will receive a certificate from the UPeace Center for Executive Education, Wickremer said.

The summit will kick off the following day, Saturday, Nov. 1 at George Washington University, and will feature plenary talks, case studies, and panel discussions. To register, click here.

Another upcoming event that caught our eye is the Urban Innovation Exchange’s first convening from Sept. 24-26 in Detroit. The event will likely appeal to media practitioners who are interested in the impact that media can have on local communities.

“This is not a conference about macro-level municipal reform; there are many important convenings for that. UIX is about change happening at the neighborhood level, led by people leading creative small-scale projects,” Issue Media Group reports. “Why are small projects a big deal for cities? Increasingly, more research and reporting suggest that the implementation of small-scale projects just might have a larger potential collective impact than any single top-down approach to revitalization.”

Mark your calendars: ivoh will hold its annual summit in the Catskills from June 25-28, 2015. We’ll post more updates on in the coming months. If you’d like to receive email updates, you can sign up for our email newsletter.