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Images & Voices of Hope | December 2, 2020

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Help support ivoh’s Restorative Narrative Fellows

Help support ivoh’s Restorative Narrative Fellows

Spread the generosity of the holiday season by taking a moment to support ivoh’s Restorative Narrative Campaign. We are halfway to our $20,000 goal and we’d like to keep this momentum going. The money we raise will support media practitioners who want to tell Restorative Narratives — stories that show how people and communities are making a meaningful progression from a place of despair to a place of resilience.

Our four fellows are Dan Archer, Christa Hillstrom, Heidi Shin, and Moses Shumow. Each fellow will each be given a $2,500 stipend to spend six months telling Restorative Narratives in various communities.


From left: Dan Archer, Christa Hillstrom, Heidi Shin, and Moses Shumow.

Their projects will focus on a variety of topics: the Colombian conflict, sex abuse among Native American women in the Pacific Northwest; refugees who are working through “double trauma” and finding resilience in Boston; and stories of restoration and renewal in a Miami neighborhood that is often defined by a single narrative about poverty and crime. (You can read more about the fellows, and their projects, here.)

Your tax-deductible donation will provide each fellow with the support they need to tell Restorative Narratives. 

“We need these stories to remind us that there are moments of resilience to be celebrated — and that the world, and our communities, and our lives don’t have to be defined by tragedy,” writes ivoh’s Executive Director Mallary Tenore. “By donating, you’ll join a community of media practitioners and news consumers who care about Restorative Narrative and how media can be a positive force for good.”




Donate $75 and we'll send you an ivoh tote bag.

Donate $75 and we’ll send you an ivoh tote bag.

As a token of our appreciation, we’ll give you a “perk” in recognition of your contribution. In addition to receiving recognition on our site, you could receive an ivoh pin, tote, photography print, or a signed copy of a new book about resilience.

For higher-level donations, we’re offering the following coaching sessions:

  • For $250 you could receive a half-hour of event planning session from ivoh’s Events and Community Engagement Manager, Vanessa Rhinesmith, via phone or Skype.
  • Donate $350 and receive an hour of story coaching from Ben Montgomery, a 2015 ivoh fellow and award-winning Tampa Bay Times reporter. Ben will offer you feedback and share related tips via phone or Skype.
  • Give $500 for two hour-long coaching sessions on social media or on the Restorative Narrative genre with ivoh’s Executive Director Mallary Tenore, via phone or Skype.

For $1,500, you can become a fellowship sponsor. And, for $2,000 you’ll be invited to attend our annual media gathering in the Catskills, N.Y., this June. We’ll cover your travel expenses up to $500 and list you as a fellowship sponsor.


We are incredibly grateful to the those who have given so far!

Thank you for supporting our fellows and the future of the Restorative Narrative genre.