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Images & Voices of Hope | December 2, 2020

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Write A House aims to fix up vacant Detroit homes, give them to writers

December 20, 2013 |

Write A House has come up with a creative idea for filling vacant homes in Detroit: renovate them and give them to writers.

The nonprofit organization, which describes itself as “a different kind of writers-in-residence program,” launched an Indiegogo campaign … Read More

Two new media projects aim to play a role in Detroit’s recovery

December 4, 2013 |

The same day a federal judge ruled Detroit can enter bankruptcy, the Knight and Ford Foundations announced they’re funding two new media projects aimed at helping Detroit’s recovery.

The Detroit Journalism Cooperative, which received $250,000 from Knight, is made up of … Read More

A building block in restorative narrative: Turning point as bridge

September 4, 2013 |

As a former Detroiter with ongoing ties and affection for the city, I found myself swinging between despair and hope as I read Monica Davey’s New York Times piece about the various schemes plotting its resurrection.

The story reminded me of several I reported as city-county bureau chief for the Free Press nearly 40 years ago. As far as I know, none of the elaborate plans for mass transit or neighborhood development that I wrote about ever finished the journey from idea to reality.

That’s one reason I was struck by the last couple of graphs of Davey’s story.  Read More