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Images & Voices of Hope | December 2, 2020

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How Stories for Society uses fantasy to get to the heart of reality

February 13, 2017 |

Stories for Society hosts a training for teachers from 20 schools in Stockholm. The training was about the meaning of tolerance. All photographs courtesy of Julie Lindahl.


By: Rachael Cerrotti

Rachael Cerrotti is a Boston-based freelance photographer and writer, as well as … Read More

Refugee Radio Network rises in Europe despite xenophobia

December 26, 2016 |

All photos by and courtesy of Janto Rößner.


By Asha Siad

Asha Siad is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker. Asha is also a 2015 ivoh summit attendee. You can follow her on Twitter at @AshaReports.





Sounds of refugee voices can be … Read More

Journalist reflects on recent ivoh talk in Chile and her newfound hope for media

September 14, 2016 |

Paulette Desormeaux (center) with Base Pública director Nicolás Cruz and journalists Gabriela Campillo, Francisca Pacheco and Pedro Ramírez. Credit: Pablo Donoso.


By Paulette Desormeaux

Paulette is the Journalistic Director of Base Pública, a new nonprofit online media organization that focuses … Read More

Creative Time Reports empowers artists to report on global news issues

February 22, 2016 |

Creative Time Reports editor Marisa Mazria Katz in Nairobi.

By Les Neuhaus

Les Neuhaus is a former foreign correspondent, having covered events across East and Central Africa, and the Middle East. He now works as a freelance reporter … Read More